Take a look at our modern simulator

We chose this device because of its versatility and reputation. We use it mainly in our commercial training program (PPL, CPL, IR/ME) but also make it available to those who want to lay their hands on the controls of an aircraft and enjoy a virtual journey into the skies.
Our simulator has been approved for PBN (Performance-Based Navigation Operations) training, and therefore meets the requirements of the new EASA regulations on instrument training (IR).
Our simulator offers both classic and glass cockpit instrumentation for each flight model at the simple flick of a switch. It is also important that the aircraft models supplied with the simulator can be easily swapped between single- and multi-engine. It means that the instructor can suggest different airplane models – with analog instruments or glass-cockpit (instrument displays) – depending on the training needs.
This device has been extremely well received since its creation and more than 65 of these have already been installed and are in successful operation worldwide.

Don't wait. Make your dream of flying come true today!

You can do it at the UnitedSky base at the Warsaw-Babice airport. Here you will sit at the controls of the simulator and take to the air.

During the flight, you will see the Earth from a bird’s eye view. You will overcome the storm and downpour. You will feel an adrenaline rush when the engine of the plane you are piloting suddenly stops working.

Finally, you will happily land at any airport in Europe (prefer Hel or the insanely difficult landing in Gibraltar?).

The impressions will be unforgettable!