Tecnam P2006T

Crew: 1 pilot
No. of passengers: 3
Span: 11,4 m
Length: 8,69 m
Height: 2,84 m
Takeoff weight: 1230 kg
Maximum speed: 269 km/h
Minimum speed: 102 km/h
Range: 1204 km
Upper limit: 4267 m
Drive: 2 engines (75 kW each)

Tecnam P-Mentor

Crew: 1 pilot
No. of passengers: 1
Span: 9 m
Length: 6,74 m
Height: 2,5 m
Takeoff weight: 720 kg
Maximum speed: 225 km/h
Minimum speed: 81 km/h
Range: 1350 km
Upper limit: 4000 m
Drive: 1 engine with 75kW

Tecnam P-Mentor is powered by Rotax 912iSc engine and equipped with Garmin G3X displays.
W also conduct training on ALSIM simulators: AL250 in our base at Babice Airport (EPBC) and ALX in our training center in Ogonki in Masuria: