EASA Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Unlock the next level of aviation proficiency with our EASA Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (AUPRT) course.
Designed for pilots holding a Private Pilot License (PPL), this comprehensive program comprises a single day of theory followed by three hours of invaluable flight time, providing essential skills to effectively prevent and recover from aircraft upsets.

Course Overview:
  • Theory: A day of intensive theoretical training that covers the principles of aerodynamics, the physics of upset conditions, and the science behind recovery techniques. Our instructors will guide you through the intricacies of upset prevention, ensuring a solid understanding of the factors influencing aircraft upsets.
  • Practical Flight Training: Translate theory into action during three hours of hands-on flight time with our experienced flight instructors. Take to the skies to practice recovery techniques and gain firsthand experience in managing upset scenarios. Develop the confidence and skills necessary to handle unexpected situations with precision and composure.
  • Prerequisite: Private Pilot License (PPL): To embark on this training, candidates must hold a valid Private Pilot License (PPL).


Enroll in our EASA AUPRT course to gain the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to confidently prevent and recover from aircraft upsets. Elevate your flying skills with a program that prioritizes safety, skill development, and regulatory compliance.