Poland is a European country and Warsaw is the capital city. Poland is an EASA member country. EASA is the aviation safety agency of Europe and it represents mainly european countries. EASA is a globally accepted agency with high prestige among its peers. Poland Civil Aviation Authority issued licences are valid in most parts of the world or it is very easy to convert.

Training fees are far more affordable in Poland in comparison to Western Europe while offering the same standarts. There is no difference between a Germany or France issued license and a Poland issued license.
A graduate pilot from UnitedSky can enjoy the same priviliges with much more convenient fees

Airspace is very busy in Warsaw which provides for a great opportunity to gain experince for students. There are 3 major aerodromes in Warsaw along with many other local airfields in less than 1 hour of flight. Firstly Chopin International Airport (EPWA) which is the main hub for Warsaw and Lot Airlines, Secondly Modlin International Airport (EPMO) which lies in the outskirst of Warsaw city and is a local hub for Ryannair and finally Babice Aerodrome(EPBC) which serves as the general aviation center for Warsaw. Babice is located in the city of Warsaw and is very easy to commute.

Additionally Warsaw is a very cosmopolitan city with countless attractions to enjoy. Wide range of different activities are ready to welcome guests from all around the world. Tasty foods , lovely music, welcoming people, crazy parties and etc….:)

Regarding accomodation in Warsaw it is fairly easy to find suitable flats or rooms depending on individual preferences and budget. Cheap public transport connects each corner of the city 24/7. Ticket fare is the cheapest in all Europe as well.