Włodzimierz SOIŃSKI

Glider pilot. Has a gold glider badge with two diamonds. Glider flight time around 2200 hours. Powered airplane flight time about 1800 hours. Authorized to fly on 14 types of aircraft. Vice President of the Aero Club of Warsaw for two terms, awarded the gold badge: “distinguished sports aviation activist.” Researcher, professor and former rector, currently the rector’s plenipotentiary for computer science at the Catholic University of Lublin. Specialist in the management of scientific research projects and process management. Experienced manager. Former member of the PZU management board responsible for IT and PZU group strategies.

Grzegorz Skomorowski
Pilot, Flight Instructor

Mr. Skomorowski is an alumnus of the Technical University of Wroclaw. He started flight training in 1971, in the Wroclaw Aero Club. In the 80’s served as an agricultural pilot in ZUA both in Poland as well as abroad. In the 90’s, he has been both a pilot and director for the aviation organization AVIAECO. From 2000 to 2009, held the position as a director and instructor for the Aero Club Ziemi Piotrkowskiej. He currently holds the title of president of that Aero Club. Since 2010, he has been an instructor for  UnitedSky. His overall total time is around 4,400 hours and about 1,600 hours on gliders. In 1998 he was given an award for the friendliest glider instructor in the “Skrzydlata Polska” magazine.

Pawel Jozko
Pilot, Flight Instructor

Practical and theoretical Flight Instructor in the field of PPL (A), CPL (A), IR (A) and ATPL (A). On a daily basis, he is a pilot of one of the world’s most popular narrow-body medium-range passenger aircraft, the Boeing 737 and its newer version, the Boeing 737 MAX. A graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Automatic Control and Robotics, with specialization in Automation and Control Systems. Aviation enthusiast from an early age, which became his professional goal. Associated with aviation since 2016. Pawel has advanced knowledge in VFR flights in Europe as well as IFR flights in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Despite his young age, he has extensive experience in conducting aviation training and managing an aviation school. On a daily basis, he is a lover of aviation, sailing, mountains and football.

Mateusz Iwański
Pilot, Flight Instructor

In 2003 he graduated from WSOSP. 14 years of experience in helicopter aviation. He spent almost 2 years flying in Afghanistan. Master’s degree at the National Defense University in the field of aviation organization management. Experience in corporate aviation. The holder of an airplane and helicopter license with SEPL, MEPL, IR / ME, FI (CPL), UPRT, ICAO5 licenses. Active instructor and lecturer in computational subjects. Currently FO in the charter airline on the B737.

Sławomir Janiszewski
Pilot, Instructor, LKE Examiner, Compliance Manager

A graduate of the Lodz University of Technology (Mechanical Engineer) and the Silesian University of Technology (Navigator). He started his aviation passion with model airplanes in the 1980s. He began his airplane training in 2003. Since 2009, he has been the informant instructor of AFISC. In the years 2010 – 2017 as a team member he participated in the construction of MPL Warsaw / Modlin. Additional permission (ADO, FollowMe). From 2012, trainer and lecturer in the field of Safety Management System and Operating Risk Management IATA. General flight time over 800 hours. Theoretical lecturer and author of textbooks and aviation articles in the field of subjects related to airports, airport infrastructure, coordination of ground air traffic, SMS, meteorology and air communication.