President of the Management Board and Accountable Manager

Airplane and sailplane pilot. Doctor of economics, former researcher and rector, former member of the PZU (a company quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange) management board. For two terms he was the vice-president of the Warsaw Aero Club. Honored with the golden badge of “Meritorious Sports Aviation Activist” (Janusz Meissner, the author of the famous “303 Squadron” was one of the first to receive it).
Włodzimierz is a pupil of Julian Ziobro – one of the greatest pilots in the history of Polish sport aviation. He made his first flight in 1959, he was one of the youngest pilots to receive the gold glider badge (currently has a gold mark with two diamonds). He is also an airplane pilot, authorized to fly several types of machines. He participated in forest fire patrols that require excellent skills. Currently he often performs sightseeing flights over Warsaw.

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor (CTKI)

How did his adventure with flying start? His grandparents lived not far from an airport, so Mateusz often look up in the sky to admire planes and gliders. When his friends were getting their driving license for their 18th birthday, he chose cloud-swinging and enrolled in a gliding course. His appetite for flying grew rapidly – soon Mateusz earned a tourist pilot’s license and was admitted to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aviation of the Rzeszów University of Technology and studied Aviation and Cosmonautics. During his education there, he obtained all the necessary qualifications so he was admitted to LOT Polish Airlines immediately after his graduation. He works for them up to this day, currently as a First Officer in the Embraer 170/190 fleet. Apart from that, Mateusz gained experience in small aviation on 15 different types of aircraft. He joined UnitedSky back in 2019 and since then he has been sharing his knowledge at PPL(A) and ATPL(A) courses.  

International Recruitment Officer, Pilot, Instructor

Tuğrul dreamed of flying since he was a child. He flew for the first time on the Puchacz glider when he was only 15 years old. Today, he has a professional pilot’s license with the authorization to perform multi-engine instrument flights (Frozen ATPL). He has flown on many types of machines, incl. high-wing, low-wing and aerobatic airplanes. He spent over 500 hours in the air, graduated from engineering studies on land. At UnitedSky, he conducts theoretical and practical training for the PPL (A) tourist license and the professional CPL (A) license. Currently, he works only with foreign clients, but he is learning Polish very diligently.

Safety Manager (SM)

The right man in the right place. Sławek is a theoretical lecturer and the author of textbooks and articles on aviation, airports, airport infrastructure, air traffic coordination, aviation safety systems, meteorology and aviation communication. Prior to joining UnitedSky he has also been a trainer and a lecturer on IATA Safety Management Systems and Operational Risk Management for 10 years.
Sławek graduated from the Łódź University of Technology (Mechanic Engineer) and the Silesian University of Technology (Navigator). His passion for modeling started in the 1980s, then turned into a true passion for flying. In 2003 he began his flight training, 6 years later became an instructor informer of the Airport Information Service (AFISC). In 2010-2017 he participated in the construction of the MPL Warszawa / Modlin. Total flight time – over 1000 h.

Human Factors in Flight Trainer

Professional airplane pilot and aviation psychologist. He is a member of the European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP), a graduate of Psychology at the University of Wrocław. During his studies, Łukasz became interested in the human factor in aviation, practiced at the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine in Warsaw and at the Central Aviation and Medical Research Center in Wrocław.
And just think that it all started one day, when a 9-year-old Łukasz was getting on a plane for the first time in his life and a pilot waved to him from his cockpit window… At that very moment Łukasz decided that he would also take a sit in the cockpit one day. His passion developed slowly but steadily: he read about aviation a lot, often flew planes in pilot training flight simulator on his computer and every day he watched planes passing over his house, wondering where they were flying from and how many passengers they carried. At the age of 19, Łukasz got his first pilot license. Today flying brings him a sense of freedom and joy that he can find fulfillment, improve his skills and build experience.
Łukasz has extensive knowledge and skills in competency assessment as well as experience in running recruitments. At UnitedSky, he lectures on Human Performance and Limitations during ATPL courses and is responsible for the assessment of students under 100 KSA. He is also behind a crash course that will help you to ace your pilot job interview and land a job in your dream airlines.

Head of the UnitedSky Office

Aviation enthusiast, professional pilot. He has been walking with his head in the clouds since he was a child, but when it comes to matters of our office – he is with both feet on the ground. Jack-of-all-trades for UnitedSky’s office. He likes new challenges and working with people. In addition to aviation, he is also interested in the automotive industry, history and military.