EASA Flight Instructor (FI)

Nurturing the Instructors of Tomorrow

Embark on a rewarding journey toward becoming a skilled aviation educator with the EASA Flight Instructor Course at United Sky. Tailored for individuals holding a valid EASA Commercial Pilot License (CPL), this comprehensive program combines 125 hours of in-depth theory training with 30 hours of invaluable flight time, providing aspiring instructors with the knowledge and hands-on experience essential for success in the dynamic world of flight education.

Course Highlights:
  • Comprehensive Theory Training (125 Hours): Dive into a robust curriculum covering the essential aspects of flight instruction. Our 125-hour theory program encompasses pedagogical principles, instructional techniques, aviation law, and the psychology of teaching. Delve into the intricacies of preparing, delivering, and assessing flight lessons with the guidance of our experienced and qualified instructors.
  • Flight Time with Experienced Instructors (30 Hours): Translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills with 30 hours of flight time, guided by our seasoned flight instructors. Gain firsthand experience in applying instructional techniques, honing your ability to convey complex aviation concepts to future pilots.
  • Prerequisite: EASA Commercial Pilot License (CPL): To enroll in our Flight Instructor Course, candidates must hold a valid EASA Commercial Pilot License (CPL). This prerequisite ensures that participants possess a strong foundation in aviation, setting the stage for a focused and effective training experience.
  • Modern Training Facilities: United Sky is equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities, including advanced flight simulators and modern classrooms.