Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to start training?

For theoretical training you need to be min. 16 years old, for practical min. 17 years old. Before the first flight, you need to take a class 2 aeronautical medical examination.

When can I start training?

Right away! Now you have the opportunity to choose whether you want to learn stationary or online at your own convenience and time. On the site you can find the nearest dates for each course. Enrollment in the course is equivalent to payment of the fee. In addition, a medical certificate must be presented before the practical training.

Are your aircraft safe?

European Union regulations are very strict on safety. Our fleet meets the highest safety requirements. We have a 14-year accident-free history.

What is the cost of training?

Detailed costs are listed on the individual training pages.

Do I have to prepare for any additional expenses in addition to the training?

Yes. The ICAO English exam costs about 900 PLN, the required medical examination 1,500 PLN, pilot equipment 2,000 PLN, fees at the Civil Aviation Authority 7,000 PLN.

Where does the training take place?

The theoretical part of the training takes place in the heart of Warsaw – on the 11th floor of the neo-modern skyscraper Widok Towers. The base for practical training is the airport in Babice – about 20 minutes from the center of Warsaw. We also conduct intensive flight training using the base of Warmian-Masurian airports.

What experience do UnitedSky instructors have?

Our instructors are active airline pilots who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have already trained nearly 2,000 pilots, and the pass rate for exams is 100%.

How many aircraft do you have?

We currently have 5 aircraft: Beechcraft Baron 58, PZL Hummingbird 150, Cessna 182 Skylane, Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Cessna 206 Stationair. Soon, Tecnam P206 and Tecnam P208 will also join. In addition, we have 2 certified flight simulators: Alsim AL250 and Alsim ALX.

I have no experience in aviation. How can I become a pilot?

Most people entering training have no experience. Our program involves training from the ground up, and instructors will pay attention to the most important elements during one-on-one work. We have trained nearly 2,000 pilots and the pass rate on exams is 100%.

Do you train people from abroad?

We provide training in Polish or English, so all speakers of these languages are welcome. We train a lot of people from outside Poland, because the cost of training with us is even twice lower than in Western countries. We also help people from abroad to find accommodation in the right price range.

Which center is better? In Warsaw or in Ogonki in Mazury?

It all depends on your needs. In Warsaw you can train without interrupting your work, studies or other important activities. Training hours are flexible, so it’s easy to reconcile everything. The center in Ogonki allows you to focus 100% on the training, so it will take less time.

Does UnitedSky cooperate with any airline?

We are not tied to a permanent contract with any airline. However, we do have access to job opportunities with many airlines, and after completing ATPL(A) training, we help fresh pilots find good jobs.

How long does the training last?

The theoretical course PPL(A) – Private Pilot Licence is 100 hours of lectures, held during 8 weekend meetings or online + one day of 8 h consultations to systematize knowledge, dispel doubts and practice practical skills with the instructor, such as route preparation or balance protocol execution. The practical part is 40 hours of flight and 5 hours in the simulator. Doing theory and practice in parallel, you can therefore become a pilot in 8 weeks. The sum total of the training needed for an ATPL(A) airline pilot’s license takes 12 – 18 months. The record holder, who spent 100% of his time studying, became a commercial pilot in 10 months!

I have a PPL(A) license obtained at another training center. I want to continue my training with you. What are my options?

The pilot is in no way affiliated with the training center where he did his license. There are no contraindications to take the next stage of training with us. You are welcome!

I have a visual impairment. Can I become a pilot?

It all depends on what kind of defect it is. Most people who wear glasses successfully pass medical examinations.

I am after laser vision correction, is it a problem?

Laser corneal surgery can be a problem. After additional tests, the applicant can get approval from the school.

Is there a maximum and minimum weight and height limit for a commercial pilot?

The regulations do not specify this, some airlines have their own limits.

Do I have a choice of instructor?

Yes! In our school we fly according to internal procedures and standards. Every instructor flies and teaches the same way, but maybe someone is a better fit for you. It is important that the student goes through the training as efficiently as possible and is satisfied with it….

I am a foreigner. Can I count on help in finding accommodation and arranging my arrival?

Feel free to contact us. We train a lot of non-Polish people, because the cost of training with us is even twice lower than in Western countries. We also help people from abroad to find accommodation in the right price range.

Do you offer any scholarships?

UnitedSky is a commercial institution. We do not offer any scholarship programs.

What is the minimum and maximum age limit?

You can start theoretical training as early as age 16. You must be at least 17 years old to start your first training flights. There is no upper limit, as long as your health allows. One of our trainees passed his PPL(A) license exams at the age of 74!

Can I receive training on an individual basis?

Yes, we offer one-on-one training with a flexible schedule tailored to your needs and abilities.

Is it possible to have dyslexia and still become a professional pilot?

One can, dyslexia is not an obstacle.

What can cause me to fail the medical examination?

Any serious medical condition that affects the functioning of the body. The most important are serious heart or respiratory diseases, but also, for example, daltonism, which limits perception.

Can I pass the medical examination if I have allergies and/or asthma?

Any condition that may affect the respiratory system requires additional testing.

Is it possible to have total color dyslexia and pass a medical examination?

It is not possible to be colorblind.

How much do books/ideas cost?

Our Academy provides teaching aids throughout the training.

Are good math skills necessary to become a pilot?

Aviation is all about safety. Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are the basics. We do not do difficult memory calculations, simplified formulas are available.

Is it necessary to pay in advance for all training?

You don’t have to. The payment schedule is set individually.

Do I need a certificate of no criminal record to apply?

A criminal record certificate is not required to obtain a license. On the other hand, some airlines ask for it during recruitment. It is also needed to obtain an airport pass – CIC.

How much do books/ideas cost?

Our Academy provides teaching aids throughout the training.

This document is a short summary of procedures for onboarding non-EU international students. 

  • In order for a non-EU citizen to enter Polish territory a valid visa required. Depending on the country and current regulations a visa can be obtained through Pilot Training in Poland. 
  • Unitedsky will issue an invitation letter for non-EU citizens so that student pilots can apply for Polish visa in their respective countries. UnitedSky cannot be held responsible in case of visa denial or else. 
  • Experience shows that a non-EU citizen can get up to a year of visa from a pilot student visa application (that duration is highly changeable and should not be used as a reference) 
  • Requirements for UnitedSky to issue an invitation letter: 

1) The training contract must be signed by the Candidate. 

2) Candidate must pay the first installment of the flight training (currently the first installment is 5000 EUR).  

3) Upon receipt of the payment and the signed contract UnitedSky will issue an invitation letter containing applicant’s personal data.  

The invitation letter together with other required documents can be used to apply for a Polish visa. 

What to do after visa is obtained 

  1. Regardless of the visa process candidates can choose to start their distance theory learning for PPL(A). The initial theory training does not require any procedure and can be started as soon as the initial installment is paid. 
  2. Upon receiving a valid visa, candidates are encouraged to communicate with the school on individual basis to organize and plan their practical flight trainings. 
  3. Once candidates arrive to Poland UnitedSky will assist organize a Pilot Medical check from a private institute. 
  4. Upon receiving a valid medical license UnitedSky will assist candidates to prepare an application to ask for permission to fly. This application will be submitted to Polish aviation authority. Regardless of the type of training permission to fly is mandatory for non-EU citizens and the application process can last up to a month. Experience shows the decision is issued around 2 weeks.  
  5. Once the relevant theory training is completed, medical license and permission to fly is obtained candidates can start flying with their assigned flight instructors. 
  6. Because the practical training will be conducted in English language, candidates will have to pass a level exam. ICAO English level exam is also organized by Polish civil aviation authority and UnitedSky will assist for the exam registration. At least level 4 must be obtained out of 6 levels in order to fly solo in Polish airspace.  ICAO English level exam must be passed before candidates’ first solo flight for PPL(A) training for other trainings before the first flight. 

UnitedSky is providing maximum assistance in order to facilitate the bureaucratical procedures of pilot training for international students. All cases are approached on individual basis. Above procedures are general guidelines that can be used to understand the onboarding process better. 

Refund policy  If a candidate is denied entry to Poland, Unitedsky will refund the candidate after subtracting the theory course fee (1000 EUR) if started and application fee (300 EUR)