Frequently Asked Questions


What is needed to start the training?

To start any of our courses you need to have at least an EASA PPL(A). For the specific requirements please contact our office.

When can I start with the training?

There are specific intake dates for the different courses. These are planned throughout the year, please contact our office for the planned starting dates.

Do I have to prepare for additional costs for the training?

Yes, there are additional costs like the landing fees, medical, examiner and licensing fees. These vary per student and per course.

Where does the training take place?

The ATPL theoretical  training takes place in the heart of Warsaw – on the 11th floor of the neo-modern skyscraper Widok Towers. The base for practical training is the airport in Babice – about 20 minutes from the center of Warsaw. We also conduct intensive flight training using the base of Warsaw Modlin Airport airport for the instrument rating (IR) courses.

What aircraft do you have?

Currently we operate the new Tecnam P2006t and Tecnam P2008 JC, both fully VFR and IFR certified and equipped with Garmin EFIS . In addition, we have 2 certified flight simulators: Alsim AL250 and Alsim ALX.

I have no experience with aviation, how do I become a professional pilot?

All students entering the training at United Sky already have a Private Pilot License (PPL). This can be obtained at your local flight club. From the PPL(A) onwards to the ATPL(A) we can provide all the training needed all the way up to the right hand seat of an airliner. We have trained nearly 2,000 pilots and the pass rate on exams is 100%.

Do you train people from abroad?

Yes. All lectures, instruction training materials and exams are held in the English language. We have a international team of instructors. Theory or practical exams can be done under any EASA authority.

How long does the training last?

The theoretical training for the ATPL theory can take approximately one year including the exams. The practical training for the MEIR, CPL, MCC and AUPRT can be completed in 12 weeks.

I have a PPL obtained elsewhere....

All students starting the training with us already have the PPL(A) obtained elsewhere. The first step would be to enrol in the ATPL(A) theory course we offer, then after the exams complete the practical training for the ATPL(A).