NVFR rating allows PPL(A) holders to fly at night time under Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC). A PPL pilot holding NVFR rating can fly anytime during the day (24H) under Visual Flight Rules. Additionally NVFR rating is required to continue further trainings such as IR(A). During NVFR trainings you will learn about the visual challenges that come with night time and how to interpret them. After successful completion of the training you will be able to take off/land and navigate solo at night time.

NVFR rating is releasing the time pressure of sunset and sunrise over PPL pilots and it allows them to fly 24 hours under good weather conditions.

The minimum flight hours required for NVFR training is 5 with a flight instructor as well as ca. 7 hours of theory training.

One will also need to complete at least 1 hour of solo cross country flight and 5 solo take-offs and full stop landings.

Requirements for completing NVFR flight training ;

  • EASA-Private Pilot License-PPL (A),
  • Medical Class II or higher (i.e. I),
  • ICAO English Level 4 or higher,
  • Complete at least 1 hour of solo cross country flight, 5 solo take offs and full stop landings.

NOTE: All NVFR trainings must be conducted within official night time. (From 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise).