Diamond DA20

Diamond DA20 is a unique product from the Austrian manufacturer, Diamond Aircraft. This two-seat low-wing aircraft is powered by a Continental IO-240-B3B engine with a power of 93 kW. The plane was equipped with modern Garmin G500 glass cockpit avionics. It is distinguished by a lightweight structure made of composite materials and conical wingtips that minimize fuel consumption.

Diamond DA20 is a combination of elegant, slightly aggressive design with ergonomics, strength and precision. Thanks to its unique structure, it has extremely versatile applications, which is why it enjoys great recognition and is used on a large scale in aviation training all over the world. It successfully serves as a basic training tool for pilots in the United States Army, as well as in Poland at the Military Aviation Academy in Dęblin.

It is not without reason that the Diamond DA20 is a real diamond in its class. Not only is it approved for NVFR night flights, but it is also one of the few aircraft on the market that allows it to perform spins.

A number of advantages, and above all, economical use and efficiency, make it a favorite of many pilots.

Technical data
234 km/h
Max speed
1013 km
4000 m
Max Operating Altitude
1 pilot
Number of passengers
10,87 m
7,16 m
2,18 m
Take-off weight
800 kg
Min speed
83 km/h
1 × Continental IO-240-B3B
Engine power
125 kW
Garmin G500


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