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About the training

The MCC/JOC course combines two key areas of pilot professional development: cooperation in a multi-person crew and piloting a jet aircraft. During this training you will learn how to work effectively in a team and fly an aircraft with another pilot. In addition, you will learn how to operate a jet aircraft and gain the necessary skills to work with complex aviation systems.

  • Valid EASA commercial pilot license (CPL)
MCC/JOC training
Enhance your teamwork skills with MCC/JOC training

You will:

  • Acquire the necessary skills to collaborate effectively with other crew members in a dynamic cockpit environment.
  • Learn to communicate efficiently with your team and co-pilot, ensuring your messages are clear and unambiguous.
  • Gain essential knowledge in CRM (Crew Resource Management), crucial for working in airlines.
  • Improve your management, communication, teamwork, and decision-making skills.
  • Undergo intensive training using the ALSIM ALX flight simulator, facing realistic scenarios that can occur in the cockpit.
  • Learn how to deal with a variety of aviation conditions and emergency situations.
  • Gain the ability to operate a jet aircraft and have hands-on experience with an advanced jet system.
How much does MCC/JOC training cost?
  • The cost of MCC/JOC training EUR 2,500

You will also find all detailed information in our price list.

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Why should you train with UnitedSky?

Experienced Staff

Our instructors are experts in their field, sharing not only their extensive experience but also their immense passion for the aviation world.

Realistic Training

We ensure that our courses are 100% tailored to your needs. We provide knowledge and practical skills that will prepare you for real-life aviation conditions.

Safety and Effectiveness

For over 16 years, we have been training future pilots. We care about their safety, help fulfill their dreams of flying, and support their career development in aviation.

Diverse Experiences

We enable learning on a variety of equipment in attractive locations: at Warsaw Towers and the training center in Ogonki, as well as at the airports in Babice and Modlin.

Frequently asked questions

An EASA CPL(A) license is required to participate in the course. Multi Crew Coordination Jet Orientation Course is an intensive training program addressed to professional pilots who want to further develop their skills and take up employment with airlines.

Passing the course and the MCC/JOC exam entitles you to work in a multi-person crew, which is necessary for every airline pilot. After training, you can also pilot a jet aircraft.

The total training time is 26 hours of exercises on the Alsim ALX FNPT 2 flight simulator. The training involves a minimum of 2 people, which enables practical learning of cooperation in a multi-person team.

It all depends on the type and scope of the defect. If the defect was detected during medical examinations, you probably need to use correction and wear glasses. It is essential to carry a spare pair with you during flight operations. The permissible limit value of vision defect is -5 diopters. If the defect worsens, Polish legal regulations prohibit further work as a pilot.

Age: Pilot age restrictions vary by license type. In the case of training for a PPL(A) tourist aircraft pilot license, you must be 16 years old before starting the theoretical part and 17 years old before taking your first flights.

In order to obtain a CPL(A) commercial pilot license, the minimum age is 18 years.

For an ATPL transport aircraft pilot license, the minimum age is 21 years.

The maximum age for a pilot is 65 years, with the possibility of extension to 70 years, provided that regular medical examinations and health requirements are met.

Weight: There are no regulations regarding the minimum and maximum weight of a professional pilot. However, class 2 obesity (with a BMI above 35) may be a problem.

Height: There are no regulations regarding the minimum and maximum height of a commercial pilot.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) sets health requirements for the pilot profession. Detailed guidelines can be found here.

Before registering for training, we recommend a doctor’s visit and check-ups to make sure that there are no contraindications to work in the profession. Before taking the tests and starting the course, factors such as obesity, diabetes, heart and circulatory system function, neurological problems and fainting should be taken into account. The research also assesses mental health.

The price of the MCC/JOC training is €2,500. You will find all detailed information on costs in our price list.

In addition to the amount for the course itself, you should also remember about additional costs, such as: required medical examinations (cost PLN 1,500), pilot equipment (PLN 2,000), fees at the Civil Aviation Office of PLN 7,000 and an optional ICAO English language exam (cost approximately PLN 900).

Before making a payment, please contact our office in advance. You will receive a message from us confirming receipt of your application and further details.

Payment for the training can be made via bank transfer. To reserve a place on the course, you must pay an advance payment of EUR 1,000.

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