Flight Instructor License allows pilots to train candidate pilots. It is a popular choice among freshly graduated pilots to increase their flight hours and expertise. During this training pilots receive extensive theory classes focusing on how to transfer knowledge to student pilots. Attendees will learn different ways to approach several types of students. The target of this training is to deliver high quality and knowledgeable flight instructors to the aviation community.

FI training consists of around 120 hours of theory studies which must be conducted in classrooms via a qualified instructor

W związku z rozszerzającą się sytuacją związaną z panującą epidemią Koronawirusa COVID-19 w Polsce, UNITEDSKY zawiesza funkcjonowanie biura do odwołania.

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Due to the expanding situation related to the prevailing epidemic of the Coronavirus COVID-19 in Poland, UNITEDSKY suspends its operation until further notice.

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