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ATPL(A) Theory (Polish)

ATPL(A) Theory training consist of the ATPL(A) Computer Based Training (CBT) 100% compliant with EASA regulations and the latest 100 KSA requirements. It lasts 168 days and covers 659 hours of study.

Our trainings combine several methods:

  • lectures – 108 hours in the lecture hall,
  • e-learning – 551 hours of training on Evionica CBT materials,
  • self-tests and progress tests,
  • 3 weeks of consultations – one week after each of the three modules.

Organization of training:

Learning is divided into three modules. Each consists of several subjects taught in the form of e-learning, self-tests or progress test. After their completion there is a consultation week, which gives you time to get answers to all the questions you might have. The module ends with two weekends of classes whereby you will perform group tasks and receive feedback from the instructor. he or she will indicating your predispositions as well as your strengths and weaknesses, so you know what areas need more of your attention and work. After completing one module you are to start the next one.

Who the training is addressed to:

Thanks to the current PART FCL regulations, EU Regulation No. 1178/2011 regulating the flight training mode, people with a valid PPL (A) license can participate in the theoretical training for the ATPL (A) license.

Course of the training:

The theoretical training covers 659 hours of study (lectures, e-learning and self-test), including 3 weeks for consultations (without e-learning). It lasts 168 days in total so a Student receives a condensed dose of knowledge in a relatively short time.

During training at UnitedSky, we place great emphasis on computational subjects (General Navigation, Operating Procedures, Flight Planning and Monitoring, Mass and Balance), but the training also includes classes in the following subjects:

  • Aviation Law
  • Airframe, Systems, Engines & Electrics
  • Instrumentation
  • Performance (Airplane)
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Radio Navigation
  • Principles of Flight (Airplane)
  • VFR Communication
  • IFR Communication

Classes are conducted by airline pilots, controllers and professionals working with a given topic on daily basis.

What after training:

The training ends with an internal exam that entitles you to take the ATPL theoretical exam at the Polish Civil Aviation Authority (ULC). You will receive a European licence complying with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards – in accordance with EASA – part FCL. WIth this licence in hand you can start the practical training for the CPL (A) professional license and seek to obtain the privileges to fly according to the indications of IR (A) instruments.

The complete set of qualifications – the ATPL (A) theoretical exam and CPL (A) + IR (A) + MEP (L) passed at the Civil Aviation Authority (ULC) – is the so-called “frozen license”. It entitles you to apply for a type rating in a multi-pilot airplane.

A full ATPL (A) licence requires completion of minimum 1500 fliht hours, including 300 hours in IR (A) and 200 hours of a multi-crew flight.