18 Dec 2023 - 09 Jun 2024


08:00 - 18:00

ATPL(A) – theoretical training

ATPL(A) according to the new EASA syllabus and 100 KSA.
The training lasts for 173 days, covering 652 hours of study.
Dates: December 18, 2023 (start of e-learning) – June 9, 2024 (end of the course)
Price: 6000 PLN

Mixed mode:

  • Lectures – 101 hours in a lecture room (6 weekend sessions);
  • Weekend sessions:
    10 – 11.02.2024
    17 – 18.02.2024
    06 – 07.04.2024
    12 – 14.04.2024
    01 – 02.06.2024
    08 – 09.06.2024 – end of the course
  • E-learning – 551 hours of training on Evionica CBT materials;
  • Self-tests and progress tests – tests assessing progress and acquired knowledge;
  • 3 weeks of consultations – one week after each of the three modules.

Training organization:

The learning is divided into three modules. Each of them consists of several subjects covered through e-learning and self-assessment tests. After their completion, there is a week dedicated to consultations, during which any necessary clarifications can be provided. The module concludes with two weekends of on-site sessions, including group tasks and receiving feedback from the instructor (highlighting strengths and weaknesses), allowing for further improvement areas to be identified. Upon completion of one module, the next one begins.

For Whom:

Thanks to the current regulations of PART FCL and EU Regulation No. 1178/2011 governing aviation training procedures, individuals holding a valid PPL(A) license are eligible to participate in the theoretical training for the ATPL(A) airline transport pilot license.

Training overview:

The theoretical training comprises 659 hours of study (lectures, e-learning, and self-assessment tests), including 3 weeks of consultation (excluding e-learning). In total, it spans 168 days, allowing students to receive a concentrated dose of knowledge in a relatively short period.

During the training at UnitedSky, a strong emphasis is placed on computational subjects (general navigation, operational procedures, flight planning and monitoring, weight and balance), but the course also covers sessions on other topics:

  • aviation law,
  • general aircraft knowledge – airframe / systems / powerplant,
  • general aircraft knowledge – equipment,
  • performance,
  • human factors – capabilities and limitations,
  • meteorology,
  • radio navigation,
  • principles of flight,
  • communication.

The classes are led by airline pilots, controllers, and professionals specializing in the respective subjects.

What Comes After Training:

The training concludes with an internal examination, which qualifies you to take the theoretical examination for the ATPL at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Upon successful completion, you can proceed with practical training for the professional CPL(A) license and acquire qualifications for instrument flight operations IR(A).

A set of obtained qualifications – passing the theoretical ATPL examination at the CAA, along with CPL(A) + IR(A) + MEP(L) – constitutes a so-called frozen license, enabling you to apply for a type rating for multi-crew aircraft.

A full ATPL(A) license is obtained after accumulating a minimum of 1500 hours of flight time, including 300 in IR(A) and 200 in multi-crew operations.

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