In order to reach the minimum experience level required for further trainings, PPL pilots must fly and increase their Pilot in Command(PIC) flight times. UnitedSky offers different options to built hours. It is the individual decision of the students to choose which aircraft to fly with.

Hour building is the most fun part of overall training. PPL pilots may enjoy their flights as much as they can with family and friends. These flights are expected to be flown mostly solo so that the pilots may exercise the privileges of their licenses and build the necessary experience.

UnitedSky supervises the preperations of their students before sending them for flights. This increases the safety and the discipline of the flight.
Hour Building Flights consist of around 110 hours of flight time. The exact amount can be determined by calculating the deficit to reach the requested minimums.

Further professional pilot trainings have different minimum requirements. Hour building stage is designed to met them. Namely for example a pilot must have minimum 70 hours of PIC time on cross country flights to have Multi-Engine rating MEP(L) or a pilot must have minimum 200 hours of flight time before the commercial pilot license(CPL) skill test.

Several other minimums are applicable. You may find them under every individual training tabs and plan your flights accordingly.