IR(A) Training stage is where a pilot learns to fly only using the instruments of the aircraft. This rating is valuable to increase the operation range of a pilot. It allows pilots to fly without having outside visual references because of bad weather except when landing and taking off. Basically the majority of the flight can be flown using instruments only.

IR(A) Training can be conducted either on SEP(L) or MEP(L) aircrafts depending on the preference of the candidates. UnitedSky provides SE/IR option along with the required theory trainings.

  • IR(A) Training on SEP(L) – 35 hours on Flight Simulator (FNPT-II) + 15 hours actual fligth on SEP(L)

*After undergoing IR(A) Training on SEP(L), it is required to receive further trainings to upgrade  Instrument Ratings to MEP(L) airplanes as well (A few hours on simulator and MEP(L) airplane).