How to Become A Pilot

Pilot training is a complex training with many options available to follow. UnitedSky designed an effective training pattern complying with all regulations in order to guarantee maximum satisfaction and high standarts. Pilots must receive a very professional training to safely operate high-tech aircrafts carrying hundreds of passengers. UnitedSky is fully concerned and dedicated to maintain perfection to protect its reputation. Currently an optimal flight training pattern from Ab Initio to ATPL Frozen has been implemented to provide a streamlined Professional Pilot Training.

Unitedsky is also assisting its students to find the optimal path for each individual, eliminating additional stress for the candidate .Regardless of the background of the candidate, it is possible to find and follow a tailored pattern of training to reach the target level of proficiency.

There are different levels for pilot training. To become a Professional pilot flying for commercial purposes a candidate must undergo flight trainings at an Approved Training Organisation(ATO). After succesfully completing the necessary programs a candidate can acquire pilot licenses.

More information about different trainings can be found on “TRAININGS FOR YOU”.