At UnitedSky we offer trainings with an advanced flight simulator. Our simulator is approved by the highest safety authority (EASA) . It is possible to simulate all weather conditions and different emergency situtions in order to increase the skills of our pilots.

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At UnitedSky we offer a wide range of trainings depending on your needs. You can either target to have a professional career or just a recreational purpose. In either case you are more than welcome to join us to receive a high standart flight training.


UnitedSky is strategical partner with Ibex company. Our relations goes back to the 1990’s. We share a common history of more than 25 years. Ibex is an aviation company with many different services to offer. We are both based at Warsaw Babice Airport(EPBC)


tips & faq

There are formalities to be followed for international students  but UnitedSky  will always take care of students at every step of their training. International students are welcome to UnitedSky and actually we believe that Poland is the  best place to start flight training because of many advantages. The formalities will be as follows:

–     Visa Application to enter Polish Territory(Depending on the nationality of the applicant)

–     Flight Training Permission Application to ULC (Polish Civil Aviation Authority)

*More formalities might be requested depending on the individual but UnitedSky will always assist in such procedures

Pilots have to be able to operate the aircraft using English Language. The International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO) implemented different levels to assess English proficiency for pilots. Pilot candidates must reach a minimum operational level (level 4 out of 6)  to have pilot license. UnitedSky arranges the exam for the candidates via its partners.

Our airplanes are maintained by our strategic partner Ibex Company. Ibex has the so called Part-145 certification which is the highest maintenance and technical certificate issued by EASA. To sum up our airplanes are constantly maintained with the highest possible standarts along with the advantage of having the maintenance hangars right at our facilities.

It is very important to check if a candidate is fit to fly before investing time and money. There are specific limits based on regulations that a pilot must meet to obtain a medical license. UnitedSky encourages to take Medical Class 1 (Prerequisite for CPL) check before starting the training. UnitedSky will arrange the visit for its students.

UnitedSky operates from Babice Airport (EPBC) in Warsaw the capital city of Poland . Our location allows our students to learn flying in a very busy air traffic environment. The density of EPBC is comparable to those of a typical international airport eventhough only general avaition aircrafts are allowed.

UnitedSky and Ibex both are certified by Polish Civil Aviation Authority(ULC) to deliver a very wide range of trainings. Our privileges allow us to train a person with no previous experience up to a professional level. Candidates can join us for modular and individual trainings as well.


what our customeRs say

I had the opportunity to do my trainings at UnitedSky and I had nothing but great experience. I finished my PPL(A) trainings and currently I am doing my ATPL(A) theory trainings. Thank you UnitedSky for your contributions to my passion 🙂


Events and upcoming trainings

Current Training Calendar

NON STOP – Refresher Course for ATPL(A/H) and for PPL(A/H) in both Polish and English Languages

NON STOP – All available practical trainings

14/09/2019-05/01/2019 – ATPL(A/H) Theory Course in Polish Language

21/09/2019 – 15/12/2019 – PPL(A/H) Theory Course in Polish Language

21/09/2019-22/09/2019 – Flight Instructor (FI) Seminar Refresher Course

01/10/2019 – FI(A) Theory Course in English Language

*UnitedSky reserves the right to change the calendar.

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