26 March 2022| 0

Rafał Sobieszuk

Very good experience, quality training, personal approach to students, availability, supportive, safety for sure.

26 March 2022| 0

Efe Basmacı

Great place for every step of a pilot’s training. Very professional and friendly environment. Definitely recommended. Especially Tugrul Ozdil is one of the greatest instructors i have worked with. …

26 March 2022| 0

Alex S.

Completed my PPL(A) training here in 2 months. Did my training fully in English, it was really a pleasure with my instructor, very professional attitude but also friendly. Exceptionally well maintained aircraft too. You will find a warm family atmosphere here. Made me really feel comfortable moving forward with aviation. …

26 March 2022| 0

Nicolas Braschi Lehmann

Top quality instructors, safety and professionalism as paramount priority. As a current student in the school towards my CPL I can recommend for the well organised and systematic approach the school has. Having previous experiences flying in Poland and Argentina, here you will find very friendly instructors and environment but at the same time when …

17 September 2019| 0

Michal Zalenski

I had the opportunity to do my trainings at UnitedSky and I had nothing but great experience. I finished my PPL(A) trainings and currently I am doing my ATPL(A) theory trainings. Thank you UnitedSky for your contributions to my passion 🙂 …