At UnitedSky we offer trainings with an advanced flight simulator. Our simulator is approved by the highest safety authority (EASA) . It is possible to simulate all weather conditions and different emergency situtions in order to increase the skills of our pilots.


The modern simulator GA Pro C182T from Tech Sim

As the only one in Poland, our simulator is based on a mobile six-axle platform, which perfectly reflects the behavior of the aircraft.
At present, our simulator is working in the Cessna C182T single-engine version, but in the near future we plan to introduce the possibility of modifying the Seneca V multi-engine PA34 aircraft.

The simulator has FSTD Qualification Certification for the training level of the FNPT II flight simulation device issued by the Civil Aviation Authority and EASA.

The simulator is equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics, ASI, ADI, ALT, TBI, HIS, VSI, RMI, DME, VOR / ILS, ADF, GNSS and Prepar3D v3 Visual System.


The scope of training:
* Practical training for the PPL (A) tourist pilot license,
* Practical training for the CPL (A) professional pilot license,
* Practical training to obtain the right to perform flights according to IR (A) SE instruments, IR (A) ME in the near future
* Practical training to obtain the instructor’s license Training on synthetic devices – STI (A)

Technical data of the simulator:
* Simulated aircraft class: Generic based on Cessna C182T
* Engine data: Single-engine Piston
* Flight control system data: Prepar3D v3
* Simulated avionics: Garmin G1000 Emulator ASI, ADI, ALT, TBI, HIS, VSI, RMI, DME, VOR / ILS, ADF, GNSS
* Made in Poland
* Model: Simulator Pro C182T
* Production date: 2016
* Visual system type: Prepar3D v3
* Visual system manufacturer: Lockheed Martin
* Type of movement system: Electric