Our Core Values


UnitedSky has been operational for 2 decades in accordance with its core values. Our values are what makes us unique and reliable in the aviation community. General aviation expertise requires a delicate approach to built invaluable experience. We established our core values based on a single philosophy: “ DELIVERING HIGH QUALITY TRAINING AND SERVICE”.

The core values of UnitedSky is what makes it unique. We always comply with our values and we prefer to work with people who encorporates them as well.


Integrity implies honesty to us. We prefer to deal openly and honestly with issues that arise. Instead of circumnavigating around the thruth we are reaching it using direct routes!


We are aware of the delicate work we are doing. We provide training and service in general aviation with high standarts. To overcome the arising challenges we  prefer to stick to our professionalism and philosophy.


Quality is a strict issue for UnitedSky. Compromise is never an option to us. We are always operating with respect to set standarts. Our legacy is built on this core value  and we are dedicated to maintain it.


UnitedSky is an accident free aviation company since more than 25 years. This fact alone explains how much emphasis we put on safety in our operations. We are currently operating at Babice Airport(EPBC) which is the busiest airfield in Poland and yet we have been operating safely so far.


General Aviation and flight training is a very dynamic environment. We have to adjust to  quickly changing factors such as regulations. Flexibility policy of UnitedSky is valid not only for the company’s adjustment to outside factors  but also toward the needs  and problems of our students.