ATPL(A) Theory is one of the most demanding parts of the training for those who pursue a professional goal of being a pilot. This training is necessary to built the required theory knowledge toward being an airline pilot for commercial flights. It consists of 650 hours of theory study covering 14 different subjects. The scheme of this training might differ however eventually students are required to pass 14 exams to be credited.

ATPL(A) mostly consists of rigorous self study using the materials that UnitedSky will provide and our students will be assisted with experienced theory instructors as well.

A pilot must have a valid PPL license in order to start ATPL theory training.

The requirements to have  ATPL theory crediting are as follows:

  • Valid Private Pilot License -PPL-
  • Theory Training for 14 aviation subjects* (minimum 650 hours)
  • Passing the theory exams from 14 subjects:
    • 010 – Aviation Law
    • 021 – Airframe, Systems, Engines & Electrics
    • 022 – Instrumentation
    • 031 – Mass & Balance
    • 032 – Performance (Airplane)
    • 033 – Flight Planning & Monitoring
    • 040 – Human Performance and Limitations
    • 050 – Meteorology
    • 061 – General Navigation
    • 062 – Radio Navigation
    • 070 – Operational Procedures
    • 081 – Principles of Flight (Airplane)
    • 091 – VFR Communication
    • 092 – IFR Communication

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