ATPL – Airline Transport Pilot License

For whom:

ATPL(A) Theory is one of the most demanding parts of the training for those who pursue a professional goal of being a pilot. This training is necessary to built the required theory knowledge toward being an airline pilot for commercial flights.

Thanks to the currently applicable PART FCL regulations, EU Regulation No. 1178/2011 describing the flight training mode, persons holding a valid PPL (A) license can participate in theoretical training for the ATPL (A) line license.

Training mode:

  • lectures – 108 hours,
  • e-learning – 551 hours of self-study using a very modern CBT platform by Evionica,
  • self-tests and progres tests that check the acquired knowledge,
  • 3 weeks of consultations with experienced theory instructors – one week after each of the three modules.

In total, the training lasts 168 days, thanks to which Students receive a condensed dose of knowledge in a relatively short time.

Training organization:

Learning is divided into three modules, each consisting of several subjects processed as e-learning and self-tests. Upon one module completion, there is one week for consultations with your instructor, whereby you can clarify the issues that require it. Each module ends with two weekends of ground training, during which you will be asked perform group tasks and receive feedback from the instructor (indicating predispositions, good and weak points). This will help you understand what else to work on. Upon completion of one module you proceed with the next one.

Thanks to such training organization, you do not have to wait until its end to obtain a certificate entitling you to take 14 ATPL exams (this is the case in most flying schools). I UnitedSky, after completing each module you receive a partial certificate, so you can start taking your ATPL exams just 7 weeks from the start of the training.

Study program:

Your study will study cover 14 subjects. The scheme of this training might differ, however eventually you are required to pass 14 exams to be credited ATPL licence:

010 – Aviation Law
021 – Airframe, Systems, Engines & Electrics
022 – Instrumentation
031 – Mass & Balance
032 – Performance (Airplane)
033 – Flight Planning & Monitoring
040 – Human Performance and Limitations
050 – Meteorology
061 – General Navigation
062 – Radio Navigation
070 – Operational Procedures
081 – Principles of Flight (Airplane)
091 – VFR Communication
092 – IFR Communication

Classes are conducted by active airline pilots, controllers and specialists dealing with a given topic.

What after training?

The training ends with an internal exam, which entitles you to take the theoretical exam for ATPL licence. After passing it, you can start practical training for the CPL (A) professional license and obtain the IR (A) privileges to fly according to the indications of  instruments.

The set of obtained qualifications – the theoretical exam for ATPL and CPL (A) + IR (A) + MEP (L) – is the so-called a frozen license entitling you to apply for a type rating for the airplane type in a multi-crew flight.


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